About Us

Alan Abrams got halfway through two colleges, including the distinguished Gallaudet, without knowing exactly what his direction should be. Finally he listened to his inner voice (speaking in sign, no doubt) and his mother, of all people, and decided to begin cooking as a professional. Alan enrolled in The Newbury Culinary Arts School of Newbury Junior College in Brookline, Massachusetts and after two years of full-time work, complete with interpreters, he graduated in 1984. He was listed in Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges.

Since graduating, Alan has cooked for a variety of distinguished New York City caterers and restaurants, including Jonathan Waxman’s Buds and Huberts, where he worked with executive Chef Len Allison. He has also worked as a Sous Chef for Sarabeth’s as well as Ruth Bronz of Miss Ruby’s Cafe.

Alan lives in New York City and has his own catering firm, a’table! catering established in 1990.

 212 804 7444

Atable1 @ gmail.com

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  1. Jack Abrams says:

    Wonderful!!! It took me a while to get the web site.


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